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From October 2021, all purchases of liquid nicotine and nicotine vaping products will need a prescription. So, what does that mean for the public and for public health?

These changes to nicotine scheduling will make it legal for consumers with a valid prescription to obtain Nicotine Vaping Products (NVPs) – like e-cigarettes ­– domestically from local and online Australian-based pharmacies.

Consumers will no longer need to import products that may not be subject to good manufacturing practice standards.

These changes to the scheduling will allow for controlled, domestic access to NVPs while ensuring the NVPs sold in Australia meet basic requirements.

The requirement for a prescription is an opportunity to ensure smokers are getting evidence-based smoking cessation advice from their doctor. A doctor can facilitate the use of multi-session behavioural intervention (like smoking cessation counselling) combined with pharmacotherapy (if clinically appropriate), to maximise the chances of successful long-term cessation.

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For some who suffer with chronic conditions, plant based medicine can offer an alternative to other treatments. Talk to us to see how our team of qualified doctors can help.

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